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Streaming (Film) Resources

Due to library space constraints and to provide accessible resources, the Library will opt for the acquisition of streaming media and film whenever possible. The library will make every effort to license resources that offer access to full content at a comparable price. When needed, the library will opt for a mediated approach focused on acquiring resources for course instruction, faculty course preparation and/or research which will provide access to needed resources at an affordable price. If funds permit, requests from students and other campus members will be considered.


About Our Streaming Providers

Academic Video Online (Avon), Kanopy, and Swank are our primary providers for streaming films. These relevant and complementary streaming resources allow us to provide access from documentaries to top studio films. Of the three, Kanopy is on a mediated model as of October 1, 2020. This means patrons will need to submit a title request for a particular film to the library. If approved, the library will send a request to license the film.