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Streaming Video: Swank


Swank Digital Campus provides a customizable academic streaming library of over 25,000 feature films, documentaries and foreign films from the largest movie studios, including Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, NBCUniversal, Columbia Pictures, Lions Gate, MGM, Miramax and many more. The wide range of titles ensures all academic departments can find the movies needed for their classroom to promote active and engaged learning. Swank films are for class use only and as such these films do not have public performance rights.

  • Coverage – The library has subscribed to the TOP 1000 Collection. These films have been selected based on what faculty/schools are selecting the most from the database and as such the films on this list will vary year to year.
  • Requesting films not included in the TOP 1000 Collection - Requesting films is restricted to faculty for use in courses.  Films are licensed for one year from the date added to the portal. Faculty will need to submit a renewal request if film will continue to be used to avoid a break in coverage.
  • How do I request a film not included in the Top 1000 Collection?  Faculty can create an account via Swank or use our streaming (film) media purchase/renewal request form to submit a title request. Submitting requests via Swank platform is preferred as faculty will get an email from the vendor as soon as the film is approved with access link.
  • What course related information should I include and why? Including the information below in the initial request will avoid delays and help us demonstrate impact in student savings and ROI as well as help us advocate for funding. To comply with licensing, we require for how the film will be used to be included in the request. Requests for films that do not comply with licensing requirement will be rejected. To avoid delays with your request, please be thorough in your response.
    • Instructor
    • ​​​​​​​Course name
    • Course section
    • How will the film be used in the course
    • # of students enrolled
  • I requested a film and license is expiring. How to I submit a renewal for this title? Use our streaming (film) media purchase/renewal request form to submit your renewal request. 
  • Allow time for processing and licensing of films. Submit requests early to allow sufficient time for processing and licensing of films. Most films may take between 2 - 3 to become active.
  • Public Performance Rights – Swank Digital Campus films do not have public performance rights as they are intended for course use only.

Swank Films Expiring In....

Video Title License End Date
Amelie  (ST) 8/31/2022
Basquiat  8/31/2022
Cinema Paradiso (Director's Cut) 8/31/2022
Fahrenheit 9/11 8/31/2022
Henry V (1989) 8/31/2022
King Kong (1933) 8/31/2022
Mulholland Drive 8/31/2022
Pinocchio (1940) 8/31/2022
Sling Blade 8/31/2022 8/31/2022
The Business Of Being Born 8/31/2022
The Little Mermaid 8/31/2022
The Warring States 8/31/2022