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Scholarly Communications Department

Benefits of submitting your work

Open Access benefits both researchers and learners, and facilitates the systems of scholarly communication by assisting in the unrestricted access to all research and scholarship. The University Library is interested in partnering with the members of the UTRGV community who are interested in making their work Open Access.

Archiving your pre-print in the institutional repository will greatly enhance the impact of your work, particularly in parts of the world that rely on open access copies of new scholarship. Items in the repository are harvested by Google Scholar, Unpaywall, and other aggregation services.

Finding your accepted manuscript

How to submit to the repository

Submission process

Login to DSpace using your UTRGV credentials. 

Under "My Account" on the right sidebar, click Submissions. Click to start a new submission. 

Select the Institutional Repository Collection:

Dspace submission screenshot

Submission Steps

  1. The title and the year of publication are the only required metadata on the first description screen. To ensure discoverability of your article, fill in as much information as you have. Select "Article" as the material type for journal pre-prints and accepted manuscripts. 
  2. On the second description screen be sure to upload at least an abstract to increase discoverability of your work. 
  3. If you need an embargo, simply add the date in which your materials can be accessible. Otherwise, skip this step.
  4. Upload the file(s).
  5. Review your descriptive metadata
  6. Choose a license to put your work under. Creative Commons allowing commercial uses and ShareAlike is recommended but not required. Be aware of what licenses your publisher requires for self-archiving (example). If you are unsure what license is best for you, email
  7. Accept the distribution license. This grants the library the right to distribute your work under your selected license and make changes as needed for preservation.
  8. Complete!

What versions can I submit?

Be sure you understand what version of your article you're submitting to the Institutional Repository. Most journals only allow the pre-print and accepted manuscript (both formatted in typical double-spaced, 12 pt font). If you only have the publisher's version of an article you'd like to deposit, you might need to contact the publisher for permission. In my experience, they are usually accommodating. 

Image credit: Ryan Regier, CC BY. Book image by Benny Forsberg.

Two step solution:

  1. Use to search your name. Find your works and what version you can submit.
  2. Use Direct2AAM to find the appropriate version from your journal.