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Poster Printing at the Library: Check out these Design Tips

WELCOME! This guide provides information of poster printing at the library. Navigate this using the tabs below to find details on our services as well as general design tips to create A+ projects.

Quick Tips

Poster Design. Less is more.

Recommended Font Combos

Poster Design Resources

Image Resolution Matters

Have you ever wondered why something looks great on your monitor, but looks pixelated when printed? The issue is resolution, which is much lower on the screen than when printed. You can avoid pixelated graphics by using images that are between 120 and 300 dpi, or by simply not enlarging graphics.

72 versus 300 DPI

Image Source:

Images & Copyright Concerns

Many websites on the Internet provide free access to content, including images.  However, this access does not mean that the material is "public domain" or free from copyright restrictions. Search for images licensed as Creative Commons or Public Domain.

Use the links below to search for free images:


Creative Commons