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Subject Repositories

Some scholars may choose to self-archive in a subject repository, rather than in their institutional repository. This can be because of particular services the subject repository has that might increase visibility, or because of changes in employment that mean the benefits of personalized control an institutional repository can give might not carry over into the new environment. 

A disciplinary repository (or subject repository) is an online archive containing works or data associated with these works of scholars in a particular subject area. Disciplinary repositories can accept work from scholars from any institution. A disciplinary repository shares the roles of collecting, disseminating, and archiving work with other repositories, but is focused on a particular subject area. These collections can include academic and research papers.

Disciplinary repositories can acquire their content in many ways. Many rely on author or organization submissions, such as SSRN. Others such as CiteSeerX crawl the web for scholar and researcher websites and download publicly available academic papers from those sites. AgEcon, established in 1995, grew as a result of active involvement of academia and societies.

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