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Library Extended Hours

Each Fall and Spring semester the library extends its hours during Final Exam Week. This guide provides information on the resources and services available during Extended Hours events.

Study Rooms During Extended Hours

Library study room reservations stop at midnight or 30 minutes prior to closing.

After 11:30 PM study rooms may be used on a first-come-first-served basis.

Study Room Best Practices

  • Study rooms for study groups; groups are comprised of 3 or more students.
  • Vacate the study room promptly to allow other groups access.
  • Be courteous by tidying up and disposing of trash before you leave.
  • Be respectful of your fellow students as study rooms are not sound-proof.
  • Be mindful of the study room capacity; avoid bringing extra furniture into study rooms.

Report disruptive behavior or misuse of study rooms to library staff immediately.

  • Disruptive behavior includes loud voices and laughter, horseplay, and any behavior that endangers safety or health or is deemed disruptive by library staff.
  • Misuse of study rooms includes sleeping, individual study, and any action or behavior that is deemed inappropriate by library staff.

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