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The subject heading Mexican American has many different sub-fields that can be located under set Library of Congress Subject Headings in our collection. You can also use these sub-fields as topics for subject searches in our on-line catalog.  Because of the interdisciplinary nature of Mexican American Studies, there are many different Call Numbers for materials listed under various Subject Headings.  Below are a few headings from our online catalog. 

Mexican Americans B, E-L 
Mexican Americans Bibliography     E, Z   
Mexican Americans Biography       E175-E184
Latin America Civilization F1408
Latin America Civilization Periodicals   PC4008
Latin America Democracy JL966-JN40
Latin America Economic Conditions HC121-237; HF1480.5-1525
Latin American Foreign Relations United States   F1418
Latin America History F1409-1410
Latin America Modernism Literature PQ7081-7087
Latin America Periodicals F1401; PN6
Latin America Politics and Government F1410-1418; HN110.5; JL960
Latin America Social Conditions HC125-599
Latin America United States Foreign Relations F1414-1418
Latin American Literature PQ7081-9699
Latin American Literature Periodicals F1401; NX7; PN6; PQ7081
Latin Americans United States E184

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