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Brownsville Campus OCLab

OCLab User Guide for Patrons at Brownsville Library


The purpose of the Brownsville Library (BL) OCLab User Guide is to provide guidelines regarding both computer-use and Internet access to safeguard the longevity of all OCLab equipment and ensure fair usage to all. The OCLab provides patrons the latest technology and resources, as well as, the minimal assistance needed to successfully complete class assignments and projects.  BL offers a wide array of computing, networking, and instructional resources and services to members of the University community.

Activities Prohibited in the Computer Lab

In accordance with the IRAUSP.  The following types of activities are examples of inappropriate use

  • Accessing someone else’s account, directory, private files, or e‐mail without permission from the owner.
  • Changing hardware and software configurations and modifications and settings, of computers printers and system software.
  • Downloading, accessing, storing, sending or forwarding pornographic material or any type of material that is threatening, abusive, or obscene.
  • Violating copyright and/or software agreements.
  • Using computing resources to threaten or harass others.
  • OCLab Computers are not to be used for personal gain, political, charitable, private use or conduct business other than official University related purpose.

OCLab General Rules

The OCLab is for academic purposes, a quiet atmosphere is required and any activity that disturbs other users or disrupts the operations of the lab is not permitted.

  • Respect other patrons when working in the lab. Disruptive behavior, such as shouting, or cursing will not be tolerated.
  • Conduct your conversations with others in a quiet manner that will not disturb the work of the other patrons in the lab. Loud conversations and discussion groups should be kept to a minimum while in the lab. If you become disruptive, you will be asked to leave.
  • Audio CDs or applications with audio output may only be used with headphones. If you are using headphones, keep the volume low so that you don’t disturb others working around you.
  • All cell phones are to be turned off or set to silent while in the lab. If you receive a phone call, you should exit the lab before answering your cell phone and carry on your conversation somewhere well outside hearing distance of the lab.
  • Food, Beverages – Eating, drinking is allowed (no canned beverages, paper/plastic cups, glass, or open containers are allowed.  Drinks should be in spill-proof containers with a secure cap or lid.)
  • Computer game – Playing video games is prohibited.
  • Printing/Scanning Files – Printing and/or scanning files that are not related to classroom assignments or official University business is prohibited.
  • Children are always allowed in the OCLab with parent supervision. No one other than the authorized user can touch computer lab equipment (keyboard, mouse, monitor, scanner, printer, etc.) Additionally, the quiet work environment must be adhered to.

Lab Staff & Services

OCLab and BL staff are available to provide support with general computer use such as locating applications, software, and printing. More in depth or specialized training may require patrons to register for a workshop provided by the University.  Patrons may ask staff to assist with navigation to the Library’s electronic resources, University information, and accessing software on computers.  OCLab and BL staff are not tutors or advisors; they will not tell you how to complete your assignments or answer questions regarding applications, financial assistance or registration.  Patron will be advised to contact the appropriate department for assistance.


Violation of These Rules May Lead to Revocation of Lab Privileges and or Disciplinary Action**

Violations of the preceding rules and regulations may result in revoking of lab privileges, including, but not limited to:

    • Being asked to leave the computer lab.
    • Your name being given to the proper authorities for appropriate action which could result in loss of computer privileges or being banned from the computer lab.

Responsibility For Equipment

Patrons are to use the computers in accordance with the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Information Resources Acceptable Use and Security Policy (IRAUSP) (PDF). ( While Library Systems is responsible for monitoring the use of computer systems, students are responsible for taking reasonable safety precautions in regard to UTRGV University-owned  computer equipment. They will be held responsible for damage to such equipment arising out of their negligence or intentional misconduct.

Saving Files

Patrons must provide their own storage media (i.e. flash drive) in order to save their documents. Anything saved on the computer hard drive will be deleted. Data files created in the lab should be saved directly onto a jump drive. Also, each student has dedicated space to save files on their University OneDrive from any computer. Library Systems is not responsible for the loss of files due to power failures, computer hardware/software failures, network difficulties and/or students not periodically saving their work. Nor is Information Technology (IT) responsible if IT cannot recover lost files or fix damaged disks. Patrons should not save files on the lab computers since the hard drives are regularly purged & outages do occur.