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Brownsville Campus OCLab



vPrint Wireless Printing provides UTRGV Students, Faculty and Staff access to wireless printers located at convenient locations on all UTRGV Campuses.

Find-Me Cloud Printing is a service related to vPrint with which you can upload documents to a cloud and store them for up to 6 hours before printing them. Files uploaded to the cloud will be automatically deleted after 6 hours if not printed, without deducting printing credits from your account. 

Find-Me makes printing more efficient and allows you to print anywhere on campus, avoiding long lines at printers and losing track of your printed documents. Files can be released from the cloud and printed by either running your UTRGV ID badge through a printer's card reader or by scanning a printer's QR code with your smartphone's QR reader. Additional instructions for using Find-Me are available.

Locate the printers using the Find-Me Printing Visual Maps.

  • Note: Find-Me printers will appear as yellow flags on the map.

Print Release

Printing using Find-Me-Printer Brownsville


After logging in to the papercut app and selecting the document you want to print select the printer named find-me-printer (note that printerpool is still there but it will not work)


After sending your document through the find-me-printer there will be an option that says your document is held on the queue.

The document will not be printed until the student releases the document, which can be done two ways:


Releasing the document from the printer

The document can be released from the printer by logging in to the printer either with your credentials or swiping your student id card (only if it has been configured)

Upon logging in to the printer a pop out will come out asking if the student wants to release the document on that specific printer.

Note: the student can print the document on any printer that accepts the papercut app. Such as printer 1, 2, 3, or/and 4 in the library or the printer in LHSB

Releasing the document from the computer

Students can release the documents from their computer by going to and selecting “Jobs Pending Release” and selecting the printer where the student wants to release document.


Note: alternately they can select the “details” option on the papercut green box to go to the same website


Cost Information


  • 1 Credit for Single-Sided B & W 
  • 1 Credit for Double-Sided B & W 
  • 2 Credits for Single-Sided Color 
  • 3 Credits for Double-Sided Color


  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

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