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Book Displays

Book Displays Showcasing Selected Books, eBooks, and more
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Local Veterans

Marine Sergeant Freddy Gonzalez, Vietnam War Hero
Five years to freedom
En Tiempos de Guerra
Valley Vets
When the River Dreams
Hector P. Garcia: In Relentless Pursuit of Justice
Valley Vets II
Héctor P. Garcia : everyday rhetoric and Mexican American civil rights
The Inspiring Life of Texan Hector P. Garcia
Wiser in Battle
A Time to Remember
Tom Landry
Americo Paredes: In His Own Words, an Authorized Biography
All Rise
Physician to the World

Hispanic/Latino, African American, Japanese American, Native American and Other Veterans

Forgotten Veterans, Invisible Memorials
Texas Women in World War II

Books @ the Library

Stopping Military Suicides: Veteran Voices to Help Prevent Deaths
A Nation of Veterans
Veteran Friendships Across Lifetimes
Veterans Administration: Appropriations and Health Care Issues
Wounds of War
Beyond the Bonus March and GI Bill
The Rifle

Fiction - Veterans In Novels

The Blaze
Lone Jack Trail
Island of Thieves
The Return
Sleeping Bear
The Wild One
Mercy River
Settlers Valley
Some Go Home
The Killing Hills
Shifting Loyalties

Films & Documentaries

Rudy Hernandez: Congressional Medal of Honor
Leo Patrick McArdle: Veteran Support Networks
The Original Code Talkers
I Married the War
The War to End All Wars… and its American Veterans
Not a War Story
Another Brother
Art of War: Veterans Shred Uniforms to Create 'Combat Paper' Artwork
Comedy Warriors
The Forgotten Veterans
The Greatest Bond
Jack Lyon: Veterans Serving Veterans
Kalani's Story
Making the Transition from Service to Entrepreneurial Citizen
Navajo Code Talkers, with Audio Description
Navajo Warriors: The Great Secret
Nisei Soldiers: Japanese American G.I. Joes
Ralph Rush: Concentration Camp Liberator
The Reckoning
Remember The Boys
The Return
Vietnam Veterans
Vietnam Veterans Memorial


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