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University Library Assessment


SACSCOC Compliance and Certification Report

The SACSCOC Board of Trustees conducts institutional reviews in accordance with the Core Requirements and Standards in the Principles of Accreditation: Foundations for Quality Enhancement to provide consistent guidelines for peer reviews and representing the collective judgment of the membership on standards appropriate for the assurance of quality in higher education.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, TSC prepared its SACSCOC reaffirmation of accreditation document.

The University Library provides information for Section 11 of the SACSCOC report, "Library and Learning/Information Resources" to TSC staff who write and submit the report.

Reporting Period:  Provide statistics and data current to the submission year or the last complete FY totals.   It is best practice to provide 3-years of comparable data when possible.

Data Collection Period: SACSCOC reports are due incrementally beginning the year prior with due dates set by TSC.

Due: SACSCOC Compliance Certification Report due May 2019, submitted by TSC September 2019

         SACSCOC 5th Year Interim Report due 2025

          Timetables for TSC are available on the SACSCOC website with information on the 5th year interim report available here.