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University Library Assessment

ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey Introduction

ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Survey

The ACRL Trends & Statistics Survey includes three parts. First, the survey asks every question about academic libraries required by the federal government through IPEDS (, with instructions and definitions completely aligned; this means that there are many areas of data duplication for the two reports but they are included separately in this guide.  Secondly, ACRL asks some questions exclusive to each annual survey, including several test questions for future IPEDS surveys. Lastly, the ACRL survey includes a section on library trends. a different topic is chosen each year.

University Library has only been reporting to ACRL since the 2018-2019 academic year.

Reporting Period: September-August of prior year, pull data on September 1. 

Example: "Report all data for fiscal year (FY) 2018. Fiscal year 2018 is defined as the most recent 12-month period that ends before October 1, 2018, that corresponds to the institution’s fiscal year."

Data Collection Period: September - February 28

Due: February 28th

Find Historical Data and Reports

ACRL Historical Data and Reports

Historical Data & Reports

Reporting Year 2019 2020 2021
Data Period 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Librarians 28 18 TBD
Other Professional Staff


All Other Paid Staff 45 44  
Student Assistants 78 81  
Salaries & Wages: Librarians 1,541,119 1,071,738  
Salaries & Wages: Other Professional Staff NA NA  
Salaries & Wages: All Other Paid Staff 1,270,778 1,290,694  
Salaries & Wages: Student Assistants 248,976 285,837  
Number of Hours to Work Per Week to be Considered Full Time* 40 40  
Staff Fringe Benefits* NA NA  
One-Time Purchases 799,942 232,758  
One-Time Purchases: E-books NA 93,588  
Ongoing Commitments to Subscriptions 4,025,630 3,338,435  
Ongoing Commitments to Subscriptions: E-books* 16,894 32,255  
Ongoing Commitments to Subscriptions: E-Journals* 1,429,089 1,308,918  
All Other Materials/Services Cost 41,050 41,008  
Preservation Services 18,305 11,930  
All Other Operations and Maintenance Expenses 1,192,827 1,107,755  
Books (title count): Physical 509,892 511,935  

Books (volume count): Physical

578,394 579,640  
Books (title count): Electronic 509,206 546,403  
Databases 503 366  
Media: Physical 21,114 24,925  
Media: Electronic 18,007 103,113  
Serials: Physical 5,309 14,738  
Serials: Electronic 139,456 144,604  
External Contributions from Consortia/Networks: Physical*      
External Contributions from Consortia/Networks: Electronic* 925,174 NA  
Items contributed to the IR via uploads* 778 778  
Item usage from the IR 79,822 144,138  
Circulation: Physical 78,245 21,370  
Circulation: Electronic 133,331 21,005  
E-book Usage COUNTER BR1* NA NA  
E-book Usage COUNTER BR2* NA NA  
E-serials Usage* 751,749 NA  
Information Services to Individuals: Transactions 2,626 4,031  
Information Services to Individuals: Consultations* 810 116  
Information Services to Individuals: Virtual Reference Services* 325 1,502  
Number of Branches* 2 2  
Information Services to Groups: Number of Presentations 307 240  
Information Services to Groups: Total Attendance at All Presentations 5,634 NA  
Number of Hours Open During a Typical Week in an Academic Session 97.5 97.5  
Gate Counts on an Annual Basis*


Gate Counts in a Typical Week* NA NA  
ILL: Total loans and documents provided to other libraries* 8,840 8,218  

ILL-01 Returnable*

ILL-02 Non-returnable* NA NA  
Total loans and documents received* 4,883 Empty?  
ILL-03 Returnable* NA NA  
ILL-04 Non-returnable* NA NA  
ILL-05 Documents received from commercial services* NA NA  
Student Enrollment: Full-time Equivalents (FTE) 23,820 23,018  
Student Enrollment: Headcounts 32,508 28,489  
Student Enrollment: Full time undergraduates NA NA  
Student Enrollment: Part time undergraduates* NA NA  
Student Enrollment: Full time graduates NA NA  
Student Enrollment: Part time graduates* NA NA  

*Items listed are required submissions by ACRL but are not included in the ACRL Trends and Statistics Survey official print out provided below.